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About Us

From barrel to pot

Asbjørn and Niklas come from a family in Lofoten which has many generations of fishermen. They have lived with, from and on the arctic food table.

The space saving and innovative design was created by crab fisherman Asbjørn Rasmussen as he was frustrated with traditional net pots and whelk pots. The first model was made out of used caviar barrels from the local fish factories, as an experiment of re-using. The pot was fishing good, but was far from perfect.


The primitive prototype was very time consuming to produce. Then he started all over and set clear goals for a new pot which was designed for an easier production and other desired qualities: simple use, efficient and respectful to the catch.

The result is a pot with removable bottom which is easier to empty and store than most of the other pots available in the market. It can be produced fast and with small adjustments can also be used to fish lobster, whelk, shrimps and sea urchins.

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“We wish to take part in a sustainable use of the oceans limited resources”

Asbjørn Rasmussen

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The company

A few years after the first prototype was made, father and son Rasmussen established a very innovative, green and future-minded business model for their company Lofotteina AS. In close cooperation with innovation companies such as Egga Utvikling and Kunnskapsparken Bodø, and financial support from Innovasjon Norge and their co-investors Kroslid Invest and Kvarøy Fiskeoppdrett they made the fundament for this entrepreneurial adventure. And last but not least the contributions from SINTEF, Marine Recycling Cluster, Lycro-Fabrikken in Trøndelag, Mustad autoline, Hitramat AS, photographers, designers and other supporters has made it possible for Lofotteina to realise their vision to make an easier daily life of a crab fisherman and a more sustainable shellfish industry.